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First thing on our home page has to be our reviews and gallery which we are extremely proud of. You'll find our categories slightly further down the page. 

These are high quality TAYLOR MADE garden buildings, if the size your after is not here please contact us and we can customize a building to suit your needs. Many shapes, triangle, trapeze, square etc...  All the Bespoke range is custom built at your property. Please use the available codes above to pay a deposit.


Find high quality bespoke timber cladded sheds here from £1800

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Find High Quality Bespoke timber cladded Summmer houses Here From £2650

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Find High Quality timber cladded Garden Rooms, Offices, A Place To Run Your Business.

From £8000

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Find high quality Composite Cladded bespoke sheds here from

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Find High Quality Composite cladded Garden Rooms, Offices, A Place To Run Your Business.

FROM £9700

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Find high quality Timber cladded bespoke green houses here from



We started assembling pre-manufactured sheds about 2016. We then started to do summerhouses and then log cabins, and kept adding new buildings since. This includes play equipment, green houses and plastic sheds. These have always all came with assembly, 2019 we were forced to change the way we supply theses garden buildings as they became very complicated to get due to covid19, so we adapted and created our Forever Forest Bespoke Range. These include sheds, summerhouses and garden rooms at a great price but include the best materials. Each bespoke build include treated timber base, assembly and rubber roof (epdm). We thank all our customers for there on going support during these difficult years, and wish everyone the best.